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There are many dive shops along the way where you can rent equipment or go on a dive boat.

The Bufadora benefits from a deep submarine canyon that extends from the Continental Shelf into the bay of Ensenada. The peninsula of the Bufadora extends to the edge of the abyss. Cold water upwelling rich in nutrients from the canyon support an explosion of Marine life on the reef. Corals, Invertebrates, Nudibranchs, and Crustaceans are colorfully abundant. In addition the cold water upwelling results in better visibility ranging between 60 to 120'.  Depending upon the season, the tip of the peninsula has dozens of small vertical rock pinnacles extending from the ocean floor at 130' to the surface. The pinnacles provide some of the best wall diving in Baja California. Many sheltered coves provide shallow water for beginning divers.

All diving is done from 14-18' wooden Skiffs (row boats) called Pangas.  The Panga drops you off up current of the peninsula and you fly the wall to the other side. To make reservations in the States contact Debbie Irwin to reserve a Panga etc. She and her brother operate " DALES LA BUFADORA DIVE".  It is recommended that you contact her first, since the mails in Mexico are not dependable. Her address is 10536 Mount Gleason Ave, Tujunga Ca. 91042---- Phone # is--818-353-5205. To contact her brother Dale Irwin at the Bufadora, (from the states) Telephone # is 01152-615-42092, (from Mexico),91-615-42092.  Two tank Panga boat dive is $30.00 minimum, for 4 people----2 people $45.00----6 people $25.00 per person, air fills $3.00.   You can also rent a full line of scuba gear and Kayaks. I am told that their compressor is reliable and safe, it was purchased in San Diego and is regularly serviced by the same  tech that maintains the compressor for Ocean Enterprise in San Diego. Parking is $5.00 a day at Rancho Bufadora Trailer Camp. From Mexico telephone # is --617-87172. Owner Jose Leon Toscano.  There is also a boat launch area.  There is also a decompression chamber 5 minutes away from the house, Dale Irwin will supply the info.  There is a full hospital in Ensenada with an emergency action plan.

The diving at the "Buf" is a photographers paradise for macro photography and  during the whale migration, the whales swim next to the pinnacles. 

If you are seeking an exceptional dive master, telephone Julio Alcorta, ocean Enterprises, 619-565-6054.

On the way down, for last minute shopping, Ocean Enterprises at 7710 Balboa Blvd. San Diego 92111 (619-565-6054). HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Alan or Kathryn