Directions to Baja House

  • On interstate 5 cross the Mexico international border at San Diego, immediately get in the right lane (the overhead sign that reads "ROSARITO/ENSENADA SCENIC ROAD".
  • Remain in the lane ROSARITO/ENSENADA. Seven miles from the border is the first of two toll booths, (approximately $2.00), 15 miles from the border is the 2nd toll booth, 39 miles is the third and last toll booth.
  • From the last toll booth continue  4.9 miles to a fork in the road, stay to the right and follow a sign that reads ENSENADA CENTRO.

  • Continue straight approximately 1.9 miles you will be passing a harbor with ships, and a center island of palm trees. At the stoplight you will see A FORK IN THE ROAD WITH 2 overhead signs. STAY TO THE RIGHT  (DO NOT TAKE THE ROAD TO THE LEFT-- FOLLOW THE SIGN ON THE RIGHT THAT READS ZONA TURISTICA, SAN QUINTIN -----You are now in downtown Ensenada on Blvd. Lazzaro Cardenas.


  • NOTE: Always follow signs to LA BUFADORA.

  • Continue on Lazaro Cardenas Blvd. for approximately 1 mile until you come upon a stoplight with a Naval Camp on the right and a Pemex gasoline station on the left.  Here at this traffic light one street goes straight ahead and there is street that goes left.  Make a left turn and you will pass a Hospital on the right side shortly before you come to another traffic light, with a SORIANA STORE on the right hand. Turn right at this intersection. You are on Highway 1 going to Santo Tomas and San Quintin.

  • Drive this highway for approximately 10 miles, and you will come to the small town of Maneadero.  At the second stoplight in Maneadero, you going to see a CALIMAX STORE, ( I suggest if you need some groceries that is the nearest supermarket), the highway continues straight and there also is a fork or turn to the right with a sign to La Bufadora. 

  • You turn to the right, and now you are on the road to the famous “LA BUFADORA”.  Drive this road for approximately 7 miles.  At  this distance you will be in a little village called “El Cantu”.   Drive slowly until you see a sign that reads “LOTES frente al MAR" with the  lagoon on the right side.
  • Continue for aproximate 1 mile and you going to find several signs to reads RANCHO PAMELA, PUNTA ESTERO, and a big sign to reads LAS ROSAS PENINSULA, here you turn right , take the gravel road for approximate 1 mile until meets a paved road then continue straight to the complex for another 2 miles.

  • On this road you will come to a gate manned by a guard.  Inform the guard where you are headed (511 Norte).  Continue straight, past the Punta Estero office. You will cross several large speed bumps before arriving at our Baja House on the left side of the street.

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